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Tax & accounting services.

When it comes to choosing a CPA that understands your unique financial life, we connect you with reputable firms and individuals who may deliver the guidance, expertise, and results to you or your business that helps you live the life you want.

Within our network of preferred tax and accounting firms, you will find a client-focused provider who is tailored to your specific needs and a service that is better integrated with your overall financial plan.

Our partnered tax services include accounting for income tax, tax management and income-tax planning, assurance and audit, business and management consulting, digital and cyber analytics and services, forensic accounting and litigation, employee benefit audits and reporting.

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Legal services.

The digital age creates management information challenges in cyberspace. Personal safety and the integrity of your financial and personal affairs is paramount.

Our partnered services include online reputation and privacy management, email security, credit reporting, password and document management, cyber and identify theft insurance, probate avoidance, non-disclosure agreements, home network vulnerability testing, disaster recovery and management, banking and credit card safeguards and litigation support

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United Capital does not provide tax advice. Investors should consult their tax professional with questions about their particular circumstances. United Capital does not receive any compensation for referring clients to third party tax firms. Any decision to work with a third party accounting firm is strictly up to the individual client.

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