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Leveraging 150 years of Goldman Sachs financial expertise to become a valued resource.

Digital Ads

Ads will run on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google, targeting existing pipeline and U.S. households with $500k and $10m in investable assets. Ads will direct prospects to the Expertise landing page.

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Social posts for each pillar will be posted on LinkedIn and Facebook to promote traffic to the corresponding pillar landing page.

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Homepage Banner

Rotating banners on the homepage will highlight each of the messaging pillars in our campaign.

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Direct Mail Postcards

Postcards will be sent to all existing prospects and leads at a national level, by Marketing. Direct mail templates are also available in the Advisor Toolkit to be customized with a local address and phone number for you to send locally.

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Prospecting Emails

Emails will be sent to existing prospects and leads directly by Marketing. All assigned leads come from the respective advisor's email. Email templates are also available in Engage for your office to send.

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Landing Page

The Expertise landing page offers ISG Insights articles. We are also testing versions of each landing page with a Speak with an Advisor form.

Preview Expertise Landing Page

Offer: ISG Insight Article

Demonstrating the expertise of our partners in ISG, we are showcasing one of their existing and timely pieces as an offer. After requesting an ISG Insight article, prospects will receive an email confirmation with a link to download a PDF copy. The email will also include an offer to receive two additional articles.

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ISG Insight Nurture Campaign

This two-email drip campaign will offer additional ISG articles.

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