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Dynamic personal financial planning

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A dynamic financial plan tailored to your personal financial goals can help you stay confident and adapt as your objectives and resources change. PFM financial advisors get to know you and how you think about money to develop a comprehensive, unique personal financial plan to meet your individual needs.

Know where you stand.

Our Financial Control Scorecard® answers the question "Where do I stand financially today?" This provides valuable insight about whether your current savings and investments align with your spending and goals. That way, your PFM financial advisor can determine if a course correction is necessary.

Our Financial Control Scorecard personal financial planning tool can help you:

  • See if you are on track to meeting your financial goals.
  • View your funding score, so you know where you stand at all times.

Prioritize your objectives.

Our financial planning tools and resources can help you identify and prioritize your financial goals with trade-offs you may need to make along the way by:

  • Reviewing your investing goals.
  • Tracking your net worth in one easy screen.
  • Viewing and managing finances from your outside accounts.
Financial Planning Tools & Resources

Wealth management & preservation.

Through our personal, engaging process, we’ll help you identify your personal values and objectives that affect planning for children, aging parents and other areas of long-term family management. By starting with complete information, honest analysis and deliberate action, we’ll guide you with the tools and advice you need to reach your family's financial goals:

  • Estate, Education, Philanthropic and Legacy Planning
  • Income and Estate Tax Planning
  • Succession Planning
Wealth Management & Preservation

Retirement planning.

We tailor retirement planning services for individuals, including corporate employees, who would like to gain clarity about retirement. Our financial planning program is specially tailored to create personal financial plans and strategies designed to help you live the retirement you want.

Services include:

  • 401(k) savings guidance
  • Pension planning
  • Retirement income strategies
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Specialized financial services.

You need more than a financial advisor who focuses solely on investment performance. You need an advisor who offers personalized financial advice that can help you make the right choices about your financial plans. Our specialized financial services give you and your PFM advisor access to a range of options for every aspect of your financial life.

Specialized Financial Services

Learn more about the implementation of your personal financial plan.

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With over 240 advisors in 80+ offices across 30 states, you can find an advisor near you to create a financial plan tailored to your personal goals.

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