Catherine Humbert's Story

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Seattle, Washington

Assets Under Management

$1.6 billion**


Scalable operations, succession planning, revenue growth

A Business Succession Plan with Next-Gen Tech

Catherine Humbert was proud of the culture and female-centric reputation her Seattle-based financial advisory firm had established. They had a deep bench of advisors to keep the business active, but growing demands of regulatory compliance and technology upgrades were taking time away from focusing on client needs. Their outdated infrastructure meant their existing business model was unsustainable long-term.

When we met the leadership team, we found people that we liked and could partner with in the future. We fell in love with the culture; we fell in love with the people

As part of the next generation of leaders in this family-built business, she knew her firm needed modern financial advisory technology and scalable operations to help improve the client experience. At the same time, senior partners approaching retirement wanted to trade their slow-growing, illiquid company stock for shares in a faster-growing enterprise with more liquidity. With the senior partners' need for a succession plan and the next-gen leaders' desire for streamlined operations, the firm evaluated its options. Their search led them to United Capital.

Appreciating United Capital's client-focused culture, they saw an opportunity to partner with a company that would give them access to industry-leading resources while providing much-needed financial advisory growth strategies. The firm joined United Capital as a Seattle office in December 2012.

Nearly six years since being acquired, their assets under management have grown, and their profit (EBITDA) has grown by 34%.* Catherine and her team leverage the firm's resources and vast professional network to grow their business, crediting growth strategies and retail referral programs with helping them attract new clients and increase revenue.

While the day-to-day hasn't changed dramatically, since they were acquired, Catherine believes that joining the firm has helped the Seattle office evolve from an investment-focused practice to one that now has the ability and capacity to address all aspects of a client's financial life. "It's not just about investments anymore! We enjoy integrating Personal Financial Management into our client relationships so they can see the big picture and realize what is truly important."

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*Data as of year end 2017. Results not guaranteed and may vary. Percentage calculated from exact numbers. Chart reflects rounding.

**Data as of Q2 2019