Built For Advisors With Their Clients in Mind

By partnering with Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management through an acquisition or by joining one of our 100 offices, we strive to help you unlock your success.

  • Guiding clients to live the life they want.
  • Growing revenue and staff opportunities.
  • Freeing you from day-to-day management.

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What We Offer

A Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management partnership comes with full access to the entire FinLife® process and system.

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Client Experience

We invest millions of dollars in financial advisory systems and tools, so you can offer a repeatable, customized experience that engages your clients and helps them understand what really matters to them.

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Financial Advisor Experience

We provide the infrastructure and financial advisor coaching training to scale and grow, along with a team to support the investment and risk requirements of your clients and business.

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Administrative Functions

We take care of the accounting, compliance, payroll, marketing, HR, and technology so you can focus on what your clients really care about.

Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management Partners Tell Their Stories

The decision to sell your financial advisory firm and identify the best strategic partner for your clients and employees is among the most critical decisions a firm owner can make. Understanding your choices and what differentiates one option from the next involves clarifying what’s most important to your firm.

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