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Feb 26, 2019

The Financial Briefing – Answers to Life’s Most Important Money Questions

Achieving complete peace of mind about personal financial affairs is possible. Making your life dreams come true is possible. It just takes doing the right things, in the right time, and in the right way. Eric Hutchinson's The Financial Briefing may show you how. The book distills much of his accumulated wisdom in a readable, easy-to-digest format than can be referred to time and time again as a practical resource for sound financial guidance.

Called by one reviewer a “must-read,” The Financial Briefing brings lessons learned over thirty years of helping people navigate the complex waters of personal finance. Included are chapters to help you lay a sound foundation for your financial success, tactics and strategies to help you navigate life’s many twists and turns, and critical information to help you plan for your retirement, the education of your children or grandchildren, and provide protection of your family both in life and after you are gone from this world. The Financial Briefing is a treasure trove of tips and sound guidance that is not to be missed.

**Nothing contained in the book The Financial Briefing - Answers to Life's Most Important Money Questions should be misconstrued as investment, financial, legal, tax or other professional services advice, but is general information only. Nor is the information provided in the book being offered by United Capital Financial Advisers, LLC, its parent or its subsidiary entities.