Understand What’s Important to Your Financial Advisory Clients

Understand Your Financial Advisory Clients

We believe that a trusted advisor is the one that can truly understand a client’s financial intentions and priorities. Gaining clarity on client goals is the first step to helping them live the life they want.

Find Out What Money Means to Your Clients

MoneyMind® helps you understand your clients’ financial biases when it comes to money. Once you know how your clients relate to money, you can:

  • Uncover client strengths and challenges with finances.
  • Capture profound behavioral insights for discussion.
  • Analyze spending, saving, and planning tendencies.

Experience the MoneyMind Exercise
GSPFM Moneymind

Focus On What Your Clients Care About

Our HonestConversations® exercise helps focus financial advisors’ clients on the intersection between what matters and what they can control. It prompts discussion between loved ones so everyone can get on the same page.

  • Identify and clarify client intentions, motivations, and goals.
  • Discuss the trade-offs around decisions and priorities.
  • Implement and track an action plan.

GSPFM Honest Conversations4

Tailor Portfolios to Your Clients’ Preferences

The InvestmentViewfinder helps you identify your clients’ investing preferences. Once you know your clients’ priorities, you can tailor a customized portfolio to help them achieve their financial goals, and:

  • Facilitate an open dialogue about investments.
  • Track expectations on cost, performance, protection, and taxes.
  • Analyze your clients’ existing portfolio to identify any gaps or shortfalls.

GSPFM investment Viewfinder

Learn more about building a dynamic financial plan for your clients.

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