Engage with Your Clients For a Lifetime

Engage with Your Clients for a Lifetime - Financial Customer Retention

Deepen Relationships By Always Remaining By Your Clients' Side

As your clients’ goals change, they need the information and access to their financial advisor to help them make financial decisions along the way. FinLife® gives you the tools to fuel conversations, develop personalized road maps, and track action plans.

Track and Measure Your Clients’ Financial Goals

The Priority Action List (PAL) is assembled by you based on your clients’ priorities and goals.

  • Provide a simple way for clients to track progress towards their goals.
  • Measure progress and outstanding action items for you and your clients.

Be Available To Your Clients On Their Terms

The GuideCenter® is an online portal that allows clients to engage with you anywhere, anytime. It’s an easy way for clients to view their complete financial life in real time from any device.

  • Clients access all of their financial accounts in one place.
  • Clients receive video communications from you using the FinLife VideoMessenger tool.
  • Clients can safely store and access sensitive documents using the Vault.

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A Modern, Financial Life Summary

Present clients a tangible approach to viewing their priorities, portfolios, and action plan in one place. GuideBook is an integrated, consolidated summary of your clients’ entire financial life.

  • Summarize your clients’ priorities, portfolios, and plan.
  • Provide your clients’ Priority Action List.
  • Offer a magazine-quality approach to a financial plan.

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