Patrick Rudy

Patrick Rudy, CFA, CFP®, CPA


Previous experience:

  • Senior Investment Consultant, Cascade Investment Group, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Director of Audit and Compliance, The Corundum Group/Central Bank & Trust Wealth Management, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Investment Consultant, Isaac Financial Services, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Audit and Tax Accounting, Stockman Kast Ryan & Co., Colorado Springs, Colorado


  • BS, Accounting, The Master's University
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Began career in 2006

In his role as Wealth Adviser, Patrick Rudy works directly with a group of clients to help them through the financial guidance process and manage their investment accounts. He is an experienced financial planning and investment management professional. As a Certified Financial Planner professional, Chartered Financial Analyst and licensed CPA, Patrick takes a holistic approach to investing and planning. He works with individuals, families and nonprofit endowments to help bring clarity, strategy and results to his clients. Specific areas where he is most knowledgeable include holistic wealth management and planning, asset allocation, retirement planning and risk management. Patrick is passionate about helping his clients navigate the complex web of saving and investing vehicles available today. Patrick serves his clients directly through the development, implementation and monitoring of a comprehensive financial plan that is tailored to each individual's unique circumstances.

Previously, Patrick worked with a small group of clients and supported other advisers in developing asset allocation recommendations and comprehensive financial plans. He also developed a tool to import mutual fund data and track retirement plan options through various metrics, and he developed a reporting tool to help plan sponsors keep track of options on a watch list and the history of plan options.

Previously, Patrick managed the compliance program for a family office focused primarily on one client. In this role, he also assisted the Chief Operating Officer of the firm in managing day-to-day operations, including reconciling accounts in Advent Axys and developing custom reports for various client situations and special tax projects.

Earlier, Patrick was an audit consultant at a large local accounting firm in Colorado Springs. He specialized in auditing hospitals and nonprofit organizations. In this role, Patrick worked as part of an audit team for larger clients and managed audits for smaller clients.