John Shelton

John Shelton


I have been helping people manage their wealth since 1985. Beginning as a stockbroker I learned to understand the importance of equity while researching and valuing companies. As a senior portfolio manager I learned how to build successful portfolios and the discipline of diversification and patience. Finally, as a Registered Investment Advisor, I have learned how to apply a comprehensive approach between investment management and financial guidance to help people live their best financial lives.

I have learned many lessons over the last three decades. One, investing is a life long journey. The goal is to achieve a long-term rate of return that stays ahead of taxes and inflation. Two, investors can be their own worst enemy by allowing personal feelings and bias to interfere with sound judgment and deviate from a long-term plan to satisfy a temporary passion. And three, proper asset allocation is essential in order to achieve long-term lasting investment results and to mitigate risk.

The single most important trend that will most likely define financial markets of the future is the expansion of personal freedoms around the globe and the rise in standard of living for people everywhere. The world population is approaching 7 billion. There are more people working toward a prosperous future today than ever before. This should bode very well for the future of investing.

Being a trusted financial adviser means being a good financial partner. Being a good partner means always listening to the client for what matters most to them and providing common sense guidance where possible. Being a good adviser also means looking for the facts beyond the headlines and helping clients remove emotions when making financial decisions.