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Personalize every portfolio.

Connect with clients to show them how their investments can be tailored to their priorities. Build personalized portfolios with a proposal that shows clients how they may be able to achieve their goals.

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Gain a deeper understanding of your clients' priorities and preferences.

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Build financial plans to achieve your clients' goals.

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Construct and manage personalized portfolios that can be adapted as your clients’ lives and the markets change.

Tailor portfolios to your clients’ preferences.

The InvestmentViewfinder℠ helps you educate and guide your clients—teaching them about benefits and trade-offs to their investment choices. The exercise will help you tailor customized portfolios to help them achieve their financial goals.

  • Facilitate an open dialogue with clients about investments.
  • Educate clients about the benefits and trade-offs for investment choices.
  • Set the stage for creating customized portfolios by aligning expectations with goals and priorities.
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Choose strategies that match client objectives.

With Platform Explorer, you can review investment philosophy, learn our approach to portfolio building, and see our robust investment choices.

  • Learn about our intensive due diligence process.
  • Walk through recommendations on building diversified portfolios for client needs.
  • Access strategy collateral, investment commentaries, and videos.
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Put your plans to work.

Build client portfolios quickly and seamlessly in PortfolioBuilder, featuring click-and-drag technology that assembles strategies that work best for each client.

  • Build portfolio recommendations customized to priorities and goals.
  • Sort and compare strategies using dozens of different data points.
  • Add specialized sleeves to individual portfolios that align with client expectations.

A customized portfolio proposal.

Our unique approach to investment management enables you to present a completely personalized investment proposal that can be easily adapted as your clients goals change.

  • Include results from MoneyMind®, HonestConversations®, and InvestmentViewfinder.
  • Highlight your advice with before-and-after allocation data.
  • Come to an agreement on next steps with Tasks and Priority Action List.
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Speak with a team member.

  • A personal conversation.
  • Your questions answered.

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