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Our 10 Favorite Magazines for Financial Advisors

By Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management

As a financial advisor, it’s important to keep learning. The industry changes, trends come and go, tax laws alter, the economy and markets move through cycles. Industry-oriented, reliable sources of up-to-date information can benefit you and your clients.

5 Magazines Targeted to Advisors

  1. Financial Advisor Magazine

    This well-regarded publication serves financial planners, registered investment advisors (RIAs) and independent broker-dealers. Financial Advisor Magazine focuses on non-traditional planning and investment strategies to help advisors better serve affluent clients. It also offers practice management ideas.

  2. Financial Planning

    This digital and print magazine has expanded into a multi-media educational platform for advisors. It offers news, information, opinions and research on topics from retirement planning and market moves to scaling your practice.

  3. ThinkAdvisor

    This extensive network of information and resources for investment advisors includes two subscription magazines, Investment Advisor and Research on Wealth.


    This advisor resource portal offers free online content and a weekly subscription-based magazine. Information covers the industry, the market and current financial events.

  5. Journal of Financial Planning

    The Journal is included with paid membership to the Financial Planning Association (FPA) and is only accessible to FPA members. It contains timely information on developments in the industry.

5 Magazines For Financial/Investment News

  1. Kiplinger

    This site’s best-known publications are the monthly Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, which covers investing, insurance, taxes, retirement and small business, and The Kiplinger Letter, a weekly business and economic forecasting publication. The website also offers Kiplinger’s Tax Letter.

  2. Barron’s

    Barron’s is a weekly magazine entirely dedicated to investing, with in-depth charts and analysis for the dedicated investor or advisor. A pullout section in each issue, called “Market Week,” contains analysis from the previous week and trading ideas for international markets.

  3. Investor’s Business Daily

    This is also a magazine aimed at providing investors with targeted research and education. It offers extensive in-depth information needed to make trading decisions, updated daily.

  4. The Economist

    This magazine provides subscribers with a big-picture look at the global economy, along with articles on politics, technology and science, business and finance.

  5. Forbes

    Forbes is also a general business magazine with up-to-date information not only on business, economics, investing, and the financial markets but also on science and technology that impact the business world. Forbes also showcases disruptive up-and-coming entrepreneurs and startup companies.

Other Resources for Financial Advisors

Many of the websites listed above offer services in addition to their subscription magazines, such as free online content, podcasts, newsletters, and even conferences. In addition, here is a sampling of useful non-magazine sources.

  • has a portal dedicated to financial advisors with a lot of content to help advisors serve their clients and run their businesses.
  • The Wall Street Journal has been a go-to resource for financial news since 1889. It’s still well worth reading. It also offers in-depth articles and interesting perspective on other current topics.
  • Try the Financial Times, a leading global business publication, and its FT Alphaville blog for the valuable perspective of viewpoints on business, economics, politics, etc. from outside the U.S.
  • Financial Planning Association YouTube Channel features brief and lucid videos on professional education and business success for young advisors.

While this list includes high-quality, insightful resources, these are only some of the publications our investors like to read. There are countless, excellent resources that are not on this list, and their omission should not be taken as a mark against them. In order to stay ahead of the market, advisors should take advantage of a variety of media and perspectives, including those of other wealth advisors.

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